Goals 2020 – Publishing: Produce Prolifically

In 2020, I want to make writing a big part of my life and plan to write 1 million words. What else would you do with so many written words, but publish them?

The result is that I also have a goal for the number of pieces of content that I want to publish in 2020. There are many formats that we can publish the written word in. Including but not limited to blog posts, medium posts, magazine articles, and books.

Publish 500 Articles in 2020

There are still some aspects of this goal that I am trying to work through in my mind, but the basis is to publish 500 articles this year. Most of what I will write will be short to mid-length articles, ranging between 500 and 2000 words.

The biggest part of the goal that leaves me unsure if the number of pieces published. Publishing 500 articles between 500-2000 words is not all that challenging. However, it does not take into account potentially writing a book or long form content or writing for other outlets such as video or audio. The problem is that one book does not equal one article and a video or audio production is also very different.


Initially, I can identify two main challenges and many other little challenges. The biggest challenges come from the direction my content takes and if I am achieving my writing goal.

The first challenge to publishing articles is writing them. If I am not achieving my writing goal, I will struggle to have sufficient content that I can publish. If I was just publishing articles between 500-2000 words that would fit well withing my current writing goal. However, if I was to work on longer projects that might work for my writing goal but could impact this goal, which the second challenge deals with.

The second challenge that I face is just which direction my content takes throughout the year. Although I expect to be writing short and mid-length articles, I have some ideas for longer projects. However, if I was to work on some longer form content, such as 2000+ word articles or even a book, this would impact my goal here.

As a result, I want to set a ground rule here to accommodate for this occurrence. With any long form content that I write, which exceeds 2,500 words, I will apply a formula of total words for the project divided by 1,500 words. With writing a book, if it totals 30,000 words it would count towards this goal as 20 articles. Likewise, if I write a long blog post which comes to 5,000 words it would count as 3 articles for this goal.

Ultimately, I want this goal to be about creating and publishing content. I do not want to limit myself or close my mind to other opportunities because I am working to hit 500 articles. So giving myself the above rule helps to ensure I stay open to projects big and small.

While I want to provide as much transparency as possible, I am not sure if I will disclose where all the articles get published. I would like to but at the moment considering my financial goal for the year, I may write and publish some articles through 3rd parties, which may not be under my name.

First Steps

The goal has two specific things I can do to get started today. They include getting into my writing daily and brainstorming ideas and outlines for articles.

The first stop is one that lately has been a challenge. I have my writing goal in place now, but that still means that I need to work on my habit of writing daily. As I mentioned above, the two goals of writing and publishing are close tied and I cannot achieve one without the other.

The second step that I need to take is to schedule some time to brainstorm ideas and create outlines for articles. Recently, some of my writing has resulted in many partial drafts. I will have an idea and start writing, but do not know just how to finish my story. If I take the time to develop the ideas before starting to write, I may have more success in writing and completing articles regularly.

Review & Adjustment

It is easy for me to keep track of what I am publishing at the moment, as I only publish content in four places. It is easy to filter published articles by month in each of these places and have my total. The challenge will arise if I publish in many other places, but it is a bridge I will cross when I come to it.

Regarding a review process, I will start out on a monthly basis. However, I am prepared to change this to weekly if the need arises. I am unsure at this point what adjustment I can make for this specific goal as it relies on my writing goal. So I need to be closely aware of my writing goal and ensure that I am achieving there to achieve here.