Reading is something that has been a part of my life for a long time. As a child visiting the shops the bookstore was one of the few shops I wanted to visit. While there are not as many bookstores around nowadays it is still somewhere that I do enjoy browsing.

Unfortunately, the decline in book stores is in large part due to a move towards ebooks and audiobooks by some readers.

My Reading Habit

There are essentially three formats in which you can get a book. You have the traditional printed book alongside the two more recent variants the e-book and audiobook.

I honestly do enjoy reading a physical book but find that there are multiple challenges that push me towards the other two options. Initially, I moved to the e-book as there were many books I wanted to read that was hard to source locally. Especially when it comes to newer authors who now have an avenue to self publish without the expense of getting a publisher.

However, I did also make a move to the world of Audiobooks. In large part due to the ability to listen to the book at a time when I could not otherwise be reading. Times like when I am driving or exercising. The added benefit here is that I have more time to listen to books that simply pique my interest that I would have passed on before.

In saying all this in recent months I have started visiting the library a little more often. Purely because there is a much greater variety of books available and there is no downside if I borrow a book and don’t finish reading it.

My Biggest Reading Challenge

One of the greatest challenges that I face with reading or listening to a book is appropriately identifying the time to read. With the second most challenging aspect in actually having the book or equipment available when I need it.

I have been surprised over the past year at just how difficult it can be to find time to read sometimes. There are many times when it is just not appropriate. Such as when you are with other people socially or need to have your mind in a thinking process.

So in the past, there have been times when I spent a lot of time in the car driving by myself. In these times I would listen to audiobooks and podcasts constantly. However, when you have friends or family in the car with you it is much more difficult to fit in listening. On longer drives, you can listen to a podcast of mutual interest, but jumping into the middle of an audiobook is not entirely possible.

The second problem I have in actually being prepared when I have the time. You would think that I would think to plan ahead and have headphone available for audiobooks or carry the book with me if it is a physical one. But alas that has not always been so successful.

My Reading Success

Even though it is now October in 2019 it is only this month that I completed reading my first physical book for the year. That is not to say that I did not start other books but just have not got to finishing any of the others yet.

A big part of that comes down to me not being invested in the time I have spent reading a book. If I start reading a book and get a chapter in or even halfway through and no longer see value in the content, I will not finish the book. I don’t see a lot of point in forcing myself to finish reading something with no value for me when I could move onto something else.

In total my time spent listening to audiobooks comes in at 7 days, 18 hours and 30 minutes since April 2017. In a way, this is a poor indication of how much I read via audiobook. As this is only the listen time for my Audible Australia account and is only the actual time listening. So technically since I listen at double speed the total consumed is double that.

In regards to ebooks, I can take a guess at my total reading. On one Kindle account, I have almost 100 books. Again this is my account, while I am sure there are ones I purchased before on In addition to another 30 on iBooks. But in saying that I have not completed reading all of these. Some of them are very much the books that I start reading and do not see entirely the value in completing. Although there is also a little bit of out of sight out of mind plays into this as well.

When it comes to physical books I would very much struggle to have any true indication of my total reading. I have read books that I have bought, been gifted, borrowed from the library, found and come across in other ways. In the past year, I have maybe completed 1 or 2 in total. But in my lifetime it would be in the 200+ range at a guess.

Reading List

In the near future, I am planning to put up a list of some of the recent books I have enjoyed reading and completed. I am still thinking about the best method to do this, as I do want to make it valuable for you. There is no point me just putting up a list of books. I want to make sure you know why I found it valuable so you can make an informed decision if it will also be valuable to you.