I remember back about 13 years ago chatting to a colleague at work about what he listened to on the way to work. He spoke about podcasts at the time that discussed some of his favourite music. I like music, but I did not see the point in listening to people discussing music. As a result podcasts just sat on the outer for me.

Fast Forward to the last couple of years and podcasts is probably the number one source of content that I consume. At present I have nine different podcasts that update to my phone when new episodes are released. At one point early last year, I calculated my consumption and it totalled nearly 100 hours. I do tend to listen at 1.5 speed so it did not quite take all that time to listen.

Today though I do not keep up with listening to every episode of the podcasts I subscribe to. In fact probably six out of the nine I am currently subscribe to I have not listened to in over a month. But with that being said there is one podcast that I keep up to date with no matter what. That podcast is Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu.

What Is Impact Theory?

Impact Theory is actually a collection of shows that are released on a regular basis. While I listen to almost all of them via the podcast, they are also available as videos on Youtube. There are four main shows that come through the podcast feed though, which are as follows.

  1. Long Format Interviews – These are where the host of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu interviews entrepreneurs, athletes and other people. They can be some great listening, and often focus on the idea of what the person being interviewed has had to do to achieve what they have achieved.
  2. Health Theory – Similar to the above, but the guests are health experts and the topics will go deep on things such as diet, ageing, sleep and other health-related topics.
  3. Relationship Theory – In these episodes Tom Bilyeu is joined by his wife Lisa to discuss and answer questions about relationships.
  4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) – In these episodes, Tom Bilyeu answers a series of questions that have been submitted by listeners.

The only one of these shows that does not capture my attention is Relationship Theory. Not being in a relationship myself it does not seem all that applicable at the present time.

My Thoughts

I have come to very much enjoy listening to Impact Theory. Almost without fail no matter who the guest or what the topic I have found each episode to be beneficial. Even when people being interviewed seem totally unrelated to anything that interests you, their story can still provide some rather beneficial information.

I have so many favourite episodes from my time listening to Impact theory I do wish I could share all of them with you. But I also think that it is a good idea for everyone to discover somethings for themselves. In saying that I will share one of my favourite episodes, even though I do have so many.

I have taken some great ideas from this interview with James Altucher. One of the things I liked specifically about this interview with the simple and straight forward approach he takes to many aspects of life.

Check Out Impact Theory

You can find your way to explore the different shows and episodes of Impact Theory on the Impact Theory Website. If you want to listen to the podcast you can find it on Apple Podcast here. You can also find the video episodes on the Tom Bilyeu Youtube Channel.

I would love to hear your feedback on Impact Theory. If you are a long term listener and have a favourite episode or just watching for the first time, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.