Today is the first day for my new project, Simple Daily Notes. The journey that I started almost a year ago is finally getting a start. There have been many occasions over the past year when I have sat down to write this post. But every time, I either end up without a word written or a partial post that does not convey my thoughts correctly.

Simple Daily Notes is not my first foray into the world of the internet and blogs. The first blog that I ever shared online was under a personal domain. I had to go digging a little to find it, but it just so happens to be available on the Internet Archive, Wayback Machine. Check it out if you like here.

The first post on that blog dates back to February 2008. The irony is that the position I am currently in is not so dissimilar to that of 11 years ago. Well, there are some rather big differences. But one similarity is the starting of a new blog which is one of the directions I am heading in from now.

Who Is Simple Daily Notes?

My name is Joel and I will for the most part be the one that is writing what you will read here at Simple Daily Notes. There is a lot that I could share with you now about who I am and what I do. But I want to leave some things for you to learn and discover as the site progresses. Where would the fun be in giving everything away up front.

There are a few things I will share, just to give you a little idea about where I am coming from. I was born in the 80’s and grew up on the Southside of Brisbane, Australia. My childhood was rather uneventful, but significantly different to childhood these days. Playing outside instead of in front of electronics was probably the biggest difference.

I have worked in a number of different jobs as well as giving a couple of different businesses a try. All of these did have varying levels of success and satisfaction. Although to be honest the satisfaction has not been there for the most part or I would not be where I am today.

In 2010 I decided to do a little travelling. It started with a one week trip to Melbourne, Australia, with my first overseas trip not far behind. Within three years I had ventured away on five overseas trips and visited 35 countries. You can read more about these adventures on my travel blog at Travel Explored. You will see it is a little while since I have travelled and since I have been writing there. I do hope to get back to that in the near future.

I do plan to add a photo to this section. However, just do not have any photos of myself that are remotely recent. When I looked at the photos I have been using they all date back to 2013 and 2015. So in the next day or so I will get something new and add it in.

What To Expect At Simple Daily Notes?

What to expect is one of the more difficult questions for me to answer here. A year ago when I first thought through the idea of this blog I had some ideas in mind. To some extent, those ideas have not changed a whole lot. But in some ways if they were topics that really moved me to write you would think that I would have got started before now.

Some of the topics that I initially thought about in the beginning were, mindset, motivation, business, finance and health. There are other topics as well that are on my mind, but the reality is that I think it will come down to what comes up at the time I am writing.

While the title of the page is Simple Daily Notes, this may not always be totally indicative of what to expect. Some days the post may be just that a short and simple note. But other days it might be a little more in depth and thoughtful. Only time will tell.

I know that does not particularly answer the question all that well. However, as time progresses what I have shared here will become less important as opposed to what is actually present on the website.

Let’s Get Started

I don’t want to drag this first post on for too long. You see I have already dragged out writing the post for nearly a year. That is not to say that I have not sat down to write this post, but finding the right words took me a little longer than anticipated.