I have had a severe lack of writing again in the past week. While I published five articles, they were not of any substantial length and mostly all a little last-minute catch up on my walking update posts for the past few weeks.

Discussion topics

  • Goals progress
  • Thoughts for the week

Goals Progress

My writing log this week covers the week beginning 1st of June 2020 and concluding on 7th of June 2020. In this time I completed 1,897 words and published 5 articles.

I have written 41,183 words towards my 1 million word goal and published 60 articles.

The above result means that I need to aim a little higher each week now for 31,363 words per week or 4,480 per day. While for my publishing goal, my target is now almost 17 articles per week or 2.3 per day.

Thoughts for the Week

Throughout the week I found far too many distractions and only came to writing late on Sunday. It is definitely not the ideal situation when I have a goal I am working towards. But I suppose it was far better than nothing. Had I not written on Sunday night I would have written just 600 words for the week.

Over the next week I will look at something that I can change to get into a better routine. Making time to write every day and not succumbing to as many distractions as I seem to find.

I think one place to start will be to delete some digital distractions I have. I gravitate towards games on my mobile device instead of ways to be more productive, like research or idea generation. It is often because the time I have those devices most available to use are transitional moments. Time waiting in the car, while having my morning coffee, while walking, and many other little 2-20-minute periods throughout the day. But this is just a place to start, I am sure there is plenty more to consider which I will hopefully share with you my findings next week.

There is not a lot more to share this week. The only writing was a handful of small walking updates for the past few weeks. I might share some new writing again next week. I can only hope that your writing has been going better than mine has.