Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Over the past couple of days, I have looked back at a goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year. The goal is to write 1 million words by the end of 2020, and to be honest, my current progress is well below par.

After reviewing my progress and seeing just how far behind I was, I set some action steps. The first was to ensure that I schedule time every day for writing. The second was to create a weekly writers log where I share my writing experience from the past week.

What Is My Writers Log?

The writers log that I create is essentially just going to be a journal for me to help with motivation and clarity on my progress. However, I will publish it publically in case my musing can help anyone else.

The main ideas that I will discuss moving forward will cover two areas. The first will be a progress update on how much writing I completed in the past week. This will focus on the word count because that is the goal that I am working towards. It will also look at how many pieces I published as that is my second goal for the year.

I will also look to discuss anything else that seems relevant. If there were any challenges, I faced throughout the week. If I plan to change my system to improve or alter how I am progressing.

I will aim to share the update each Monday covering the previous week until the previous Sunday. However, depending on how other projects and such are moving, it may be as early as the Sunday evening or as late as Tuesday.

Goal Progress

My writing log this week covers the week beginning 30 March 2020 and concluding on 5 April 2020. In this time I completed 2,922 words and published four articles.

I have written 17,100 words towards my 1 million word goal and published 28 articles.

There is still a long way to go, both towards the end of the year and in reaching the goals. I need to aim at writing 25,440 words per week or 3,634 words per day to reach my writing goal. With my publishing goal I need to aim at publishing 13 articles per week or just under 2 per day to reach my goal.

Thoughts For The Week

Looking above at the targets that I must work towards to still have a hope of achieving my goal is slightly depressing. However, it is a position I have placed myself in with my lacklustre start to the year. The challenge ahead will be significant, but at this point they have not reached an unattainable level.

I knew from the very beginning that setting this goal would require significant work from day 1. Even with that being the case, I did not take the action to get started that I needed to. I have frequently let other tasks, or chores take precedence and just ignored the goal.

In no way am I making any excuses here, I fully accept that every choice to write or not write is mine. I now know that I have let myself get to caught up following the world events of the past 5–6 weeks. I have spent too much time researching topics that have resulted in more knowledge but no writing. That is something that I will be slowly changing in the coming weeks.

I am very happy though that I took the time to revisit what my goals were and to create a progress update. It would have been just as easy to let these slide and find myself no better off in another three month’s time. Revisiting the goals has got me more motivated and interested to get back on track.

Just looking at the writing for this week and comparing it to the month of March I have written more. For the whole month of March my word count was just 1,389 words. While the first two days of April has seen me write 1,789 words. I can only hope that this is a move in the right direction that will continue.

Looking Forward to Next Week

In the coming week, I will set myself a schedule for a time to write. That will be at a minimum the hours between 9am and midday. In those three hours I will endeavour daily to complete at least one article. It will not be one solid three-hour block, I do also plan to take a 10-minute walk each hour.

However, those scheduled hours will not be my only writing time. I will also try to take any other free time to either write or complete tasks that help me towards that end.

I am very much looking forward to the coming weeks to see just how things progress. I am sure there will be good days and others that I might wish I could repeat over again. But if I can get on track for my goal that would be the ideal outcome.

I hope that whatever your endeavours are this week you have success. If you are working on your own goals, I hope your progress is moving along nicely. But if you forgot about your goals, maybe now is the time to take another look.