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The last week has highlighted a rather important point. While I am becoming somewhat consistent with my writing, it is the wrong consistency. I have been starting the week out well, but finishing the week poorly.

You will see in my progress update that the numbers are not great again. But I will also explore one or two changes that I will try to implement in the next week to help improve this.

Topics to discuss

  • Goals Progress
  • Thoughts for the week
  • Daily Brainstorm
  • What Is Not Working

Goal Progress

My writing log this week covers the week beginning 20 April 2020 and concluding on 26 April 2020. In this time I completed 3,280 words and published four articles.

I have written 27,743 words towards my 1 million word goal and published 39 articles.

The above result means that I need to aim a little higher each week now for 27,332 words per week or 3,904 per day. While for my publishing goal, my target is still similar at just over 14 articles per week or 2 per day there is some rounding involved here.

Thoughts for the week

The last week has been another underwhelming week for my writing. I pushed a little beyond the previous week, but by only 200 words and one story published.

Although while the weeks by themselves have not been great, April is turning out to be my best month this year. I have written more words in April than any other month while also publishing more new stories. At the pace I am improving, I will very much struggle to reach my goal at the end of the year. However, as long as I can improve every month I may have a chance.

I received a little boost to the moral this week with one story I published. It was about the keys to success as a writer. It received the most views and reads of any story I have published this year so far, even though it was the most recent one published.

The 2 Keys to Succeed as a Writer
If you want success as a writer, there are two key tasks you must consistently

The other story relates to my other interest, and another of my goals. It is about walking and how to incorporate more walking in your day if you are isolating at home. The views and reads were not as good as the other article, but it has the best read ratio so far this year.

4 Ways to Make Walking Part of Your Self Isolation at Home
How to turn your house and yard into your walking

While my goal focuses on the aspect of writing and publishing, I also want people to see what I write. Which I hope leads to helping those people with whatever they are looking for. People seeing what I write entirely depends on me promoting what I publish.

Daily Brainstorm

Something that I want to start in the next week and keep going is daily brainstorming. I want to extend this beyond just ideas though.

I don’t have that much trouble coming up with ideas. On average, I start a new draft every day. It can vary between just adding a title through to writing the first paragraph or two. Which is part of the problem, I don’t flesh out the idea when I have it. I will start a draft and hope to pick up on the idea again later.

How I want to change this is to put some thought into ideas when I have them. At the time of the idea or as close as possible, I want to brainstorm the main points. The closer to having an idea I can work out the main points, the more likely I have something of substance to come back and complete.

There are plenty of examples when I browse through my drafts. I will find a story with just a title like “Accepting Your Passions.” I likely had a great idea in my mind to put that title in. However, without the context of what main ideas I wanted to discuss, the article I write now would be very different.

What Is Not Working

There is not a lot of point writing this post each week and exploring ideas if I do not review what is and isn’t working.

Calculating Word Count

Two weeks ago on the 13th of April I discussed a few topics about calculating my word count. I believe this is still something that is not indicative of my writing. There is work that could be done here, but I also don’t want to create too much overhead trying to calculate it all.

It is not a big problem yet, but words in drafts could become a problem. In the past week I have worked on seven unpublished drafts and there is over 600 words in there. In the long run, if I finish those drafts they will come into the count. However, they are words I have written, but may never get published. Trying to track this though is a small nightmare.

Another area that I still notice I am writing but not counting the words is on Facebook. What I don’t mean is short comments either. Sometimes when I comment in groups in response to a discussion, I can easily write a 300–400 word response. These longer responses are often on similar topics to what I write stories about. But then they also become a source for story ideas.

Scheduling My Time

Scheduling for me is not working 100%. I have found that it is rather easy for this to just go off track. I start out with good intentions and set a schedule. But the first hour gets pushed back a little. Then something else that is essential pops up that needs doing. Suddenly the writing hours are gone, and I have little to show for it.

Another aspect of scheduling is that I am still uncertain which times are best for me to write. While I have been scheduling morning hours, I have also been completing at least one story a week later in the evening.

I will continue to schedule my time. But might experiment with trying a few different times in there for writing. I think this is something that will rely on an approach of time, will tell. Alternatively, I may end up just dropping the scheduling idea, and see how that goes again.

The Write Space

If you want to follow my journey to writing 1 million words this year, I publish updates like this weekly in The Write Space. Where I also share other articles around writing.