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The last week started out rather well, but the final word count does not tell the entire story. I got myself stuck into one research heavy story which will be published in the next week, but is still sitting as a draft.

The introduction almost entirely reflects my post last week. However, this week I have also had another realization, which I will publish a story on this week to work through the feeling.

Discussion Topics

  • Goal progress
  • Thoughts for the week
  • Progress on drafts

Goal progress

My writing log this week covers the week beginning 4th May 2020 and concluding on 10 May 2020. In this time I completed 3,773 words and published four articles.

I have written 34,486 words towards my 1 million word goal and published 47 articles.

The above result means that I need to aim a little higher each week now for 28,746 words per week or 4,106 per day. While for my publishing goal, my target is still similar at just over 14.9 articles per week or 2.1 per day there is some rounding involved here.

Thoughts for the week

The week saw me move further into the territory of 4,000+ words per day. The writing I completed this week was split between three days. Thursday saw me complete three items and publish over 3,000 words. If I could repeat that a few more times each week, things would start looking much better.

However, as I mentioned earlier, the published words this week do not tell the entire story. I spent around six hours on Saturday researching and building one article of around 2,000 words. The only reason it is still a draft is because it still has some work to do. There is more research I need to do, fill out the details, a full edit and fact check to make sure I provide sources for all facts.

Another topic I plan to approach this week is a probable reason for my lack of writing. As I have noticed a few little details, especially in the last week around when I think about writing. They are possibly unrelated but definitely worth exploring in case they lead to something. If the story does not amount to anything I will expand on this next week.

Progress on drafts

In the past week I have created 10 new drafts to bring my total to 113 in total. These new drafts contain 2,273 words with the majority, 1,942 words in a single draft. Most of the drafts are just ideas at the moment. However, can see that at least three or four I have almost fully formed my idea for the article.

I did not intend to create that many new drafts this week without publishing at least some. When I added the draft, I fully expected that I would start the story the same or following day. However, I suppose that is how plans go, never quite as you plan them.

I have at least two of the drafts on my to-do list for today and feel motivated to get them done. So I will see how that works out once I have finished writing this article.

Every week as Monday comes around I feel a little disappointed putting this article together. Each week I want to share with the world a glorious success. To show how much progress I have made towards my goal. Yet I keep making the same choices, the same mistakes week after week, leading to mediocre achievement.

It seems to take me a little longer than expected to find my groove. At some point it will click, and I will share a whole different experience. I hope that you writing endeavours this week have progressed as you hoped and look forward to sharing again with you next week.