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All that I can say about the past week is I have lost a good deal of focus on my goals. An enormous part of me desperately wants to achieve all my goals and more. But there is also a gnawing feeling that maybe I am not pursuing the right goals.

I suppose there is one bright ember which originates in this post itself though. At least I am coming back each week to compile this post. Even though some weeks like this one that will be a rather dismal update.

Discussion topics

  • Goals progress
  • Thoughts for the week
  • Right and wrong goals
  • The Way Forward

Goals progress

My writing log this week covers the week beginning 18 May 2020 and concluding on 24 May 2020. In this time I completed 1,327 words and published two articles.

I have written 37,709 words towards my 1 million word goal and published 52 articles.

The above result means that I need to aim a little higher each week now for 30,479 words per week or 4,354 per day. While for my publishing goal, my target is still similar at just over 15.8 articles per week or 2.26 per day.

Thoughts for the week

This week I lost my focus on the goals I am working towards. I set out on other projects around the house and other hobbies I have recently developed. One side effect of this though I have a few fresh ideas for some stories. If only I could find my way through completing some stories beyond my weekly writers log.

The first distraction for the week was working on my bicycle’s. I have two and both needed repair. I spent a lot of time working on one, which is not all that repairable. Unfortunately, even after spending $35.00 on tools to fix it, I will not be taking it for scrap metal. The $58.00 I spent on new brakes and lubricant for the other bike was a better result. After a few other minor fixes and cleaning, it is ready to ride.

In the past I have rather enjoyed riding my bicycle as part of my fitness routine. However, recently the one bike which was working had been showing more pronounced signs of imminent failure. The result was I had been less inclined to ride, and I was feeling a little down about this. So I am rather happy to have the bicycle repaired, but in total I probably dedicated over 10 hours to that this week.

The other distraction is a new hobby that I have been trying out, fishing. It might not sound logical to be taking up a new hobby such as fishing while my goals are not progressing as expected. However, while catching a meal is one potential good side effect, I have also found another. While fishing and just waiting, I seem to get some good thinking done. It was while out fishing I got an idea for a story which I hope to complete this week.

Right and wrong goals

One of the primary reasons for many years why I have avoided goals is just not knowing exactly what I want. To a large degree this comes back to essentially a lack of purpose and drive. However, when I set my goals, this year I was sure I was onto something.

As the year has progressed, I reconnected with my goal and make some headway. In the last week or two though, I have been more questioning in my mind if the goals are the right ones. Possibly more what is it I hope to achieve by pursuing the goals I have identified this year.

Even with more time to ponder these ideas this week I am still no closer to an answer. I suppose you could say that I am still to discover the purpose or drive behind my goals. Until I discover the purpose and drive, I might not know if I am pursuing the right or wrong goal. Although not an ideal outcome at the moment, I hope to keep moving forward or at least to keep moving.

The Way Forward

I plan to continue working towards my goals, especially my writing goal. There has to be something here for me to share, as my number of drafts just keeps growing. It is now up to 125 so the ideas keep coming; it is just a matter of getting something finished.

I suppose my first step forward will be to improve on my effort from last week. Already I am a little behind with that idea, since I am posting this log on Wednesday, two days late. However, like they say better late than never.