Throughout the majority of 2019, I have not taken a lot of positive action on anything. I have let my websites sit basically dormant. Along with essentially wasting a lot of time on trivial things and procrastination. Time that could have been much more productively used.

I have started to turn this around a little in October though and hope to keep the momentum going. But I have definitely hit some goals in October and want to take a little look at the rest of the year in comparison.

My Progress This Year

For the months from January to September, there is very little to talk about. I had two active websites during this time, which were Travel Explored and this site Simple Daily Notes. In total between the two websites, I published a total of five posts in this time.

The year has not been a totally straight forward year for me. There have been some family health problems and things that have distracted me to some degree.

I guess in a way throughout the year I knew that something needed to change. That there was something that I would need to do to get things moving. But it has been one of those times that it is just easier to push things away instead of embracing them.

October Achievements

October has definitely been a very solid month. There has been a lot that I have got done and I do not even know if I can remember everything. But I will definitely give it a go.

Travel Explored

Travel Explored is, of course, the blog that I have had for the longest. The topic as you might have guessed is travel and without travelling recently it has been difficult for me to get into writing here.

However, I managed to push that aside in October and contributed twice the content than the previous nine months. I published six posts here in October and have also been taking steps to have plenty of ideas going forward. Hopefully, over the next few months, there will be a little more travel happening and that will see even more content coming here.

Simple Daily Notes

Initially, this site would have been the one with the most work in October. That is because initially, I was going to share my step data from my walking through this website. However, I made a change of plan and started up a project I tried once before called My Daily 10000.

So I ended October with a total of 10 new posts on this website, up from just 2 for the previous nine months. There was also stats from 18 other posts that I recreated sharing statistics from my bicycle goal for last year. I still have some more work to go and finish these posts, but that will come soon enough.


I started a new account on Medium in October and started sharing some of my writing there. In total throughout October, I shared six posts on Medium.

There was nothing that outstanding about the results. I managed a total of 13 reads on the stories that I shared. But the positive aspect was that this did translate into 8 cents income. I know it is a very small amount but to me, that is a great sign when starting on a new platform.

My Daily 10000

October saw the most work go into the revival of a project that let go a couple of years ago. I started My Daily 10000 the first time back in 2016. At the time it did not get very far and I end up letting it go.

After I started recreating some of the content for this project on Simple Daily notes, I decided to try and revive My Daily 10000. On the 17th of October that is just what I did.

In total, I created 261 posts for this site just in the month of October. There were six that I created fresh after I created the new site. However, the other 255 were recreating weekly statistic updates since I started recording my steps in 2014. These were a key part of the content on my previous iteration of this website, but there is still a lot more content to recreate here as well.

Lot’s More Work Ahead

I very much want and need to make the work on my websites consistent and sustainable. As part of this, I have started setting myself some goals. These daily targets for writing, publishing and generating ideas.

Daily Writing Goal

On the 19th of November, I set myself a daily writing goal that I would work towards for the next month. There is a very good chance that I will work to continue with this goal beyond the month. But with everything I have found that it can be much better to start with a short term goal in mind.

The goal each day is to write 1,000 words per day. I am updating this goal on a weekly basis on this website.

Daily Publishing Goal

Also on the 19th of October, I set myself a daily publishing goal I would work towards for the next month. Again I will likely work towards this beyond the month I initially set for myself.

The goal is to publish at least one article on one of the channels mentioned above. I am updating this goal alongside the daily writing goal on this website as well.

10 Ideas Every Day

On the 29th of October, I decided to set down a little process to help me build my idea muscle. It would be to come up with 10 ideas on a particular thing each day. So that might be 10 post ideas for a website or 10 ideas for a topic I could write about.

It was late in the month I started, but this is the sort of thing that I need to do if I am going to have something to write about every day. It can be very challenging trying to come up with an idea as you want to write about it. As I have found that coming up with ideas and writing are two different things and can require two different frames of mind.

Moving Forward In November

I hope that these are all things that I can continue to push forward within November. There are some aspects that are already going well and it just working out how to continue those. Why not let me know how you did with your goals in October, what were your successes?