In the following post, you will find my writing update for week 44 of 2019. The update covers the dates from Sunday 27th of October to Saturday 2nd of November.

Writing Data


Publishing Data


Writing Update – Week 43, 2019 – 971 words


Writing and Building The Idea Muscle – 690 words
Walking Update – Week 43, 2019 – 453 words
Writing and Building The Idea Muscle – 900 words


Building The Idea Muscle – Day 1 – 474 words


Building The Idea Muscle – Day 2 – 688 words


Building The Idea Muscle – Day 3 – 401 words
My Idea of Walking Has Changed and Planning To Go For A Long Walk – 1,971 words


November Publishing Daily To Medium – 761 words
October Walking Update – Month In Review – 429 words
How I Overcame My Life To Travel – 1,275 words


My October Achievements – 1,104 words
Walking 5 Minutes Every Hour – 530 words
5 Countries I Want To Visit – 583 words
Your Language Creates Your Experience – 540 words

Writing Numbers

Across the week I achieved my writing goal on 3 days. I wrote a total of 10,442 words or an average of 1,492 words per day. The day with the most writing was Saturday with 3,070 words and the lowest day was Wednesday with 669 words.

In total for the week, I published 15 posts. The breakdown of where I published includes 1 on Travel Explored, 3 on My Daily 10000, 7 on Simple Daily Notes and 4 on Medium.

Writing Thoughts

If there is one way that I could describe the start of my week for writing it would be horrible. In saying that at this point I am just glad to have found some time to write each day, even if I did not reach my goal. The main reason why there was some challenges with the writing was last Sunday my Brother and his wife had a baby. Through visits to the hospital and looking after his two dogs at his place it was a little bit all over the place.

In the second half of the week, once everything settled down with that things got back into a better place. Thursday sort of started the ball rolling where I got very much into writing one longer post which was published on Medium about my walking.

One big change that I have made just in the last two days was to write down when I wanted to do the next day before bed. On Friday evening I wrote out five points to get done on Saturday. Which were as follows,

  1. Write 5,000 words
  2. Write and publish on Simple Daily Notes – October Achievements
  3. Write and publish on My Daily 10000 – Walking 5 Minutes Every Hour
  4. Write and publish on Travel Explored – Top 5 Countries I want To Visit
  5. Write and publish on Medium – Your Language Creates You Experience.

As you can see from the information above the only one of these that I did no achieve on Saturday was to write 5,000 words. In a way, I was not really looking to write 5,000 words, but it was kind of a moon shot. If I write it down and get halfway I am still much further then I might be otherwise.

As for the items to write and publish I got them all done which was quite good. I like to have something a little challenge to work towards at times. I did write out a similar list for today, but due to some circumstances, I will be lucky if I get two items checked off.

In regards to the daily publishing goal that I have set myself, I am still going well, but only just. Tuesday and Wednesday I sort of end up with filler content. While it does document another aspect of things that I want to achieve, it was kind of a cheat post really. But it got something published which is what I am aiming for this month.

Hopefully, the following week is going to be a little more stable and I will be able to have a more consistent week. That is to say that I would like to at least achieve the goal each and every day, instead of just get some writing in. We will wait and see how that goes.