Everything you do you are going to find that some days are easier than other days. Today and yesterday are almost the two extremes of easy and hard to achieve essentially the same result.

Yesterday I spent probably the better part of two hours thinking about my 10 ideas for posts on Travel Explored. Today, though I have managed to get my 10 ideas checked off in about 10-15 minutes.

The Topic

The topic for my 10 ideas today was “10 posts that I can write for My Daily 10000.” It is a topic that I wanted to get to like my topic yesterday. However, going into my 10 ideas today I had a reasonable idea that it would be a much easier task.

The result was much better than my results for yesterday. Yes, of course, I did get to the 10 ideas each day, but there was a significant difference in the time it took. Yesterday, I spent the better part of two hours working on my list, across multiple sittings. Today though it was 10-15 minutes at most.

A big difference is that the website My Daily 10000 is an endeavour that I have come back to. I first started it about three years ago, but end up letting it go. About a month ago I decided to give it another go and registered the domain name again. But of course, while I have put some time in with adding in all the data posts, there is a lot of content I need to recreate.

10 posts that I can write for My Daily 10000

So the 10 ideas that I came up with are hopefully going to be posts that will be available on My Daily 10000 in the near future.

  1. What changed when I started walking 15,000 steps
  2. Walking In The Rain
  3. Taking small steps to get to your goal
  4. Start the day with a short walk
  5. Take the stairs instead
  6. Walking 5 minutes in every hour
  7. A book about a walk: The Pilgrimage
  8. Walking Where you can
  9. Walking In Nature
  10. The Shopping Centre Laps

Off To Write

Since I ended up with a list much quicker than yesterday that will leave me with a bit more time to write today. The writing this week has been a little sporadic but hopefully the next few days I will be able to make it up a little.