Today is just the second day for me working on building my idea muscle and things are not going great. The list that I created on Day 1 was a good start, as it gave me the topic for the list without much thought. However, that was where the positive aspect of the process ended.

The Topic

The topic was the first of the list “10 posts that I can write for Travel Explored.” Something that I was very keen to get working. Travel Explored as a website is the one that I have been working on the longest. However, at the same time, it is something that I find challenging writing for when I am not travelling.

Having a list of ideas for articles to write and publish would be a good start to getting some more content on the site. But the process today in a way reinforced the challenge that I have with Travel Explored. I have trouble coming up with ideas that I want to write about related to travel that are not specifically my travels.

Over time I hope that this is something that I may be able to rectify with this whole idea of building the idea muscle. But with today being just day 2, it was a challenge for sure.

Getting Started

I decided that getting this list of ten ideas should be the first priority for the day. As such, I decided to get it done over my morning coffee. There was just one little problem in the roughly 45 minutes I was looking to the list I did not get very far. I think there were probably four ideas on the list when I left the coffee shop to head for home.

Over the course of the day, I did come back to the list a number of times. Eventually getting 10 ideas down and completing the ideas for the second day.

Don’t Get Locked In

I think today gave me a rather good lesson on maybe a better approach to the list that I could take. If you consider that in 45 minutes I got four ideas, that is not a great use of my time.

A better way to approach this would be if I set a smaller amount of time, say 10-15 minutes. In this time I focus on just the ideas for the list. If in the time allocated I get the list finished that is great and I move on. However, if I don’t complete the list I put another 10 minutes down later in the day to revisit the list.

Locking yourself into staying focused on a task, no matter how futile your progress is not smart in this case. Of course, there will be times when you might need to remain focused. But a small brain training exercise is not one of them.

10 posts that I can write for Travel Explored

So the ten post ideas that I came up with, are hopefully going to be some upcoming posts on Travel Explored. I guess time will tell if I am able to work with them and write the posts.

  1. The Twin Bed Challenge – Finding a suitable hotel with two beds
  2. Top 5 countries that I want to visit
  3. How to capture the sunset
  4. Waterfalls of South East Queensland
  5. 3 Cruise Itineraries I want to experience
  6. Thinking about a Roadtrip
  7. 5 spots for coffee in Brisbane
  8. Coffee Roasters Near the Brisbane CBD
  9. Considerations For Taking A Walk
  10. Is Coffee Tourism A Thing?

Looking Forward to Day 3

I think that day 3 will be a little different from today. The topic from the list yesterday that I will be using is “10 posts that I can write for My Daily 10000.”

The My Daily 10000 website is an idea that I have recently revisited from a few years back. While I have loaded in a lot of data-based information, I do have a lot of work to recreate the content side of the site. So I think that coming up with only 10 ideas is going to be more the problem tomorrow.