Yesterday I shared a post with you about Writing & Building The Idea Muscle. In that post a shared about the idea of just taking some time to record 10 ideas per day.

In the context of the post from yesterday, I plan to primarily look at capturing ideas that are related to topics I can write about. In reality, though at times I may decide to do my 10 ideas on something else. Things like business ideas, products I could sell, or even ideas I might give to others about their endeavours. But the primary focus will be having a good solid set of ideas building for content to create.

Sharing Day 1

Today to kick things off I thought that I would share with you my first day. There is a chance that I might decide to share the ideas every day, that I am still undecided on.

The reason that I would continue to share the ideas every day is that they are just ideas. Anyone could have an idea the same as I could. But the difference is that from one idea the writing that I might create will be totally different from what they would create. Every idea has a positive and negative side and different points of view.

Day 1 – 10 Ideas for lists of ideas.

I thought I might kick things off with something a little silly. Coming up with 10 ideas that I can use for the next 10 days of 10 ideas.

  1. 10 posts that I can write for Travel Explored
  2. 10 posts that I can write for My Daily 10000
  3. 10 books that I could consider writing
  4. 10 walks that I could explore
  5. 10 books that I want to read
  6. 10 products that I could create
  7. 10 posts that I can write on Medium
  8. 10 topics that I could brainstorm 10 ideas for Travel Explored
  9. 10 topics that I could brainstorm 10 ideas for My Daily 10000
  10. 10 places that I want to visit in the next 12 months

There might be a little overlap between a couple of ideas today. But these are all lists that I am very keen to work on. I want to look forward to having more ideas than I know to do with for post topics for my blogs and medium. I think that this might be the way that I make that happen.

List Ideas

I do not think that it is valuable to do a list of lists I want to make all the time, but it can be a good place to start. Today it helped cross the barrier of checking off Day 1.

If you happen to have any list of ideas I would like to hear them. You can leave a comment below or alternatively get in touch with me.