Yesterday was not a great day for the progress I am looking for in my writing. If it was not for my little post about how terrible it was I would not have written a single word yesterday.

But in a way that got me thinking about where it is that I write. Not only that but the times that I write and the results I get. To some people, these are important parts of the process and for others irrelevant. But if I am having some sort of challenge achieving simple writing goals they could be worth investigating.

When I Write

To get things started I think the “when” is probably more important to analyze than the “where”. That is because the when can be anytime that I think about it or sit down to write.

If I have a little spare time this could be not long after waking up at 5.20 am. While having coffee at 6.30 am. After breakfast at 9 am. After Lunch at 2 pm. In the evening at 7.30 pm like right now. Or just about any other free time during the day.

Potentially, this could be a little bit of the problem. I will try and write anytime, I do not set myself a specific time to write. Up until now a large part of this has been because the days can vary so much. But I do believe that if I am to make anything of this writing thing, I need to get a little more structure in when I write.

Where I Write

Just like the idea of “when” I write, my “where” I write is extremely varied. It can be in a few different rooms in the house or any number of different coffee shops.

I have never found the location that I am sitting to write to be a big issue. Throughout the time that I was travelling, I took time to write in some rather challenging places. For example, I wrote one blog post in a tour van between Phillip Island and Melbourne in Victoria. I had my knees pushed up and the laptop resting there typing in the pitch black by the light of the screen. Likewise coffee shops, hotel rooms and airports all over the world I been where I was sitting when I have completed carious blog posts.

The Results I Get

Probably the more important aspect of this whole discussion is when and where do I get the best results? That is a question that I am not quite yet able to answer.

I have never taken the time to truly analyze that aspect of my writing. While I do have a feeling that a large amount of my writing is completed in the evening at my desk. I may be wrong, because I know today I wrote and published an article while sitting in a coffee shop.

So that will be my challenge over the coming week or two to find out where I am getting the best results. Because ironically results are what matter and if I need to change something to achieve better results I will do that.