I am barely five days into working on my writing and publishing goals and things are not looking great at all. While I have stuck to the publishing goal so far I missed my writing target yesterday. It would not be such a concern as today is not looking that great either.

Publishing Goals

In a way, I may have pushed out of the gate a little quick with this one. In the first three days I was working on the goal I published nine posts. One per day to each of my three blog projects.

But in a way that is not a great problem, as what I would like to do is create some need to write. I have found in the past that when I get some good forward progress on writing, it leads to me not writing as much. So the less I have in the pipeline waiting to be the published the better in a way for my writing.

Ultimately while I am only looking to publish one item per day across four outlets, I do not mind the idea of publishing to all four as many days as possible. I do want to be providing some level of quality in what I am writing that makes it valuable for the reader through.

The only thing that I am a little dismayed on is a lack of publishing to Medium. At the moment I am very keen to be publishing on that platform, but also want to be sharing high-quality content there. Which I am going to have to work on.

Writing Goals

While I have got by in the publishing goals so far, the writing goals have not tracked so well. On three of my first four days, I surpassed 2,000 words with the fourth being almost 1,500 words.

I have hit my first bump in the road with a less than ideal 816 words for my fifth day. In part that was the result of me deciding to get on the bike and complete a cycle of some 40.5km yesterday. While this did only take around 4 hours out of my day, the flow-on effects pushed my writing back to the very end of the day. I was finishing that 816 words right around 9 pm as I was just about to head for bed.

Yesterday was not in isolation though. It seems that I keep finding other things to do through the day and leave the writing for last. Just like today, this post is essentially the first thing that I have written today. It is the only way that I have been able to get moving today it seems.

I attempted to write one post this morning that I got no further than the title. Along with that in the past hour, I have considered two other topics I want to write about. The first one I could not get beyond working on the title. So moved across to another idea and got a byline and two sentences.

For some reason today I just feel drained and unable to focus my thoughts on the topics that I want to talk about. The problem is that they are not even just topics that I need to research. These are posts that are based on real-life experiences that I want to relate. But I am just having trouble putting the words into cohesive thoughts and subsequently into sentences. Maybe taking the time to put this little piece together might get something flowing a little better.

Your Goals

How are your goals going? Are they coming together or are you struggling through them like I seem to be?