In the following post, you will find my writing update for week 43 of 2019. The update covers the dates from Sunday 20th of October to Saturday 26th of October.

Writing Data


Publishing Data

Sunday 20th of October

Travel Weekdays, But Do your Research – 975 words
The Story of Joel & My Daily 10000 – 704 words
Writing Update – Week 42, 2019 – 272 words

Monday 21st of October

Geocaching, What’s it all about? – 645 words
Walking Update – Week 42, 2019 – 250 words
A Reading Habit – 953 words

Tuesday 22nd of October

My Inspiration To Talk About Walking Again – 520 words

Wednesday 23rd of October

The Good And Bad of Solo Travel – 825 words
My Writing Goals Are Off to a Terrible Start – 616 words

Thursday 24th of October

Experience Solo Travel – 776 words
The Extra Costs of Cruising – 2,197 words
Finding A Time & Place to Write – 530 words

Friday 25th of October

Keeping Cash Safe When Travelling – 1,106 words

Saturday 26th of October

A Walk Around Fellmonger Park – 347 words

Writing Numbers

Across the week I achieved my writing goal on 4 days. I wrote a total of 8,456 words or an average of 1,208 words per day. The day with the most writing was Thursday with 2,331 words and the lowest day was Saturday with 0 words.

In total for the week, I published 14 posts. The breakdown of where I published includes 5 on Travel Explored, 4 on My Daily 10000, 4 on Simple Daily Notes and 1 on Medium.

Writing Thoughts

The week has been somewhat tumultuous for my writing, with some success and some less than spectacular results. On the downside, the writing goal ends up problematic this week. However, on the plus side, the publishing goal had quite a positive outcome.

Writing Goals

When it comes to the writing goal for the week, I did miss the target three days. However, two of those days are not the worst outcome I suppose because I still do get some writing in. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, I did write posts that I published this week. So even though they were lower than the target I am still happy that there was something productive on those days.

In a way, I might have overreacted with my post on Wednesday “My Writing Goals Are Off to a Terrible Start“. I could have possibly used the time I took that to write something more productive. But either way, I did get the writing in and did recover with a couple of good writing days on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, on the other hand, was a totally unproductive day. The post I wrote on Thursday “Finding A Time & Place to Write” was not a precursor for this happening. However, the result on Saturday was a big part of why I need to look at the topic of the time and place for when and where I write.

The biggest challenge that I tend to find is that I do not get around to starting my writing early enough. I seem to allow every possible distraction to take my attention. So instead of starting to write early in the day, I keep putting it off. Ultimately getting towards the end of the day with something pressing that needs to be done instead.

Publishing Goals

Unlike my writing goals, I have potentially gone a little over the top with my publishing goals this week. There were a total of 14 posts that I published across the platforms that I am using.

There is one area that I would have liked to do better and that was published to Medium. I only published one post in the past week and that is something I would like to improve on. There is some potential to republish from the other blogs onto Medium, it will just depend on what the post is. Publishing to Medium is something that I will be talking about a little more in a future post.

Potentially the one that I am happy to see is the five new posts published on Travel Explored. In many ways, Travel Explored is a place that I think has potential. However, the challenge that I keep facing is a mental block on how to approach the writing there. It started out as a place to share my travel when I was travelling. But without as much chance to travel in the last few years that has changed a little. The result is that I end up with large chunks of time where I have not shared any content on that site. It just comes down to needing to spend some time and focus on what I want to share.

Onwards & Upwards

The week that has just passed was definitely not how I expected to start on my writing and publishing goals. However, does anything truly happen as we expected?

In a way, these posts are about sharing some numbers to give myself public accountability. But they are also a way for me to document my journey. Sometimes seeing the journey as it unfolds can be more interesting than seeing what is perceived as an overnight success. If at some point in time I get to that point of being perceived an overnight success I will be able to direct people back here. Showing evidence there was no easy road to any perceived overnight success.

I would welcome any input that you may have to share or any thoughts. So please feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what is on your mind.