In the following post, you will find my writing update for week 42 of 2019. The update covers the dates from Sunday 13th of October to Saturday 19th of October.

Writing Data


Publishing Data

Monday 14th of October

Distraction & Perfection the Killers of Productivity – 1,147 words

Thursday 17th of October

My Love-Hate Relationship With Writing – 449 words

Saturday 19th of October

Book A Tour or Make Your Own Adventure – 1,320 words
A New Start on My Daily 10000 – 565 words
Building A Writing Habit – 568 words

Writing Numbers

Across the week I achieved my writing goal on 4 days. The total words written was 8,457 giving an average of 1,208 words written per day. The day with the most writing was Friday with 2,246 words and the lowest day was Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday with no writing.

In total for the week, I published 5 posts. The breakdown of where I published includes 1 on Travel Explored, 1 on My Daily 10000, 1 on Simple Daily Notes and 2 on Medium.

Writing Thoughts

For the most part the update this week is just a trial to get together a template for ongoing updates. That is mostly because I only decided on pursuing the writing habit seriously yesterday.

That being said I did already have a little writing that I had done earlier in the week. They were two posts that I posted on Medium. Going forward I hope to spread the publishing of new posts around between the different platforms that I am using.

There are a couple of platforms that are very early in development. Such as My Daily 10000, is literally another decision that I made this week to get back into. So there is a bit of design and development work to go into that. Also, some more design work to go into this blog as well. I am not entirely happy with the look and feel and quite disappointed in the lack of adjustment available in the tables through the WordPress editor.

Anyway, taking a look at the actual writing, I have been very surprised with my results just in the last couple of days. I have some details from when I tracked my writing in early 2018. Looking at that the 2,000+ word days recently are quite good. Such as January 2018, I only had 6 days over 2,000 words. But I had 16 days under 1,000 words. Which means I only just scraped in over a daily average of 1,000 words in the end.

Hopefully, next week I will be sharing with you a more robust update. I suspect, unless something goes wrong there will be posts published every day. Along with meeting that daily 1,000 word writing target.