I first started writing in some form or another online over 15 years ago. The only problem is that in that time I have been anything but consistent in my writing.

That is something that I want to change though and develop a writing habit. I want to build something that becomes part of my daily routine. Which for the moment in writing is very much lacking.

One way that I want to build this habit is to have some accountability steps in my process. They are more going to be personal accountability because it will still rely on me taking the steps to share the progress. But eventually, that will possibly become public accountability.

The Two-Step Accountability

I want to set up two levels of accountability. The first will be what I am looking to achieve daily and the second is how I will share that publically.

A Daily Target

Essentially I have two daily targets that I would like to work on regularly achieving. The first is a daily word count for my writing and the second is a daily content publishing goal.

The first and most important of the targets is the daily word count. If I am not writing every day, it would be near impossible to publish every day. I am going to start with a reasonably standard target of 1,000 words per day.

There is a minimal process that has gone into arriving at that target. I have worked on a similar target in the past with some success. Albeit over somewhat shorter periods of time. I do want to look at a writing habit in the context of my life. However, to get myself started I will be aiming to achieve this target every day for 30 days.

The second part of my daily target is to publish something I write each and every day for the next 30 days. There are four locations that I will look to publish including this website, Travel Explored, My Daily 10000 and Medium.

The idea behind getting into the habit of publishing on a daily basis is to create a need to write. If I am in the habit of publishing daily, I am more likely going to be in the habit of writing every day.

Public Accountability

In the past, I have attempted both public and non-public approaches to the writing targets I have set. At one time I did share a large amount about my writing journey. At the time it was rather beneficial and saw me writing quite a lot.

Another couple of times that I tried just tracking my results and not publically sharing. On these occasions, my progress lasted a lot shorter period of time.

The result is that in this case, I want to share as much as I can to create public accountability. That, of course, does not mean that I will be flooding daily about writing. My goal is to share one post each week updating how my writing targets are progressing. I will be sharing that post here on Simple Daily Notes each Sunday evening.

Time To Write

Well, I best be getting to work now. Today, Saturday, when I post this is, will be the first day of publishing daily and the second day of writing. But especially when it comes to publishing daily there is a lot more that goes into that than just the writing. But more on that soon.