Following you will find an update on my bicycle riding statistics for week 16 of 2019. The update covers the dates Monday 16th of April to Sunday 22nd of April.

Ride Data

Monday 23.2 km 92 mins
Tuesday 30.6 km 130 mins
Wednesday 18.4 km 75 mins
Thursday 17.8 km 73 mins
Friday 16.7 km 68 mins
Saturday 11.0 km 45 mins
Sunday 17.2 km 60 mins
Total134.9 km 543 mins

Riding Numbers

I am a bit of a numbers geek at times, so of course, I like to look a little closer at some of the numbers behind the individual days.

First up is the highest day for the week which was Tuesday with a total distance of 30.6 km. While the lowest day was Saturday with a total distance of 11 km.

I got on the bike a total of 7 times this week for a total distance of 134.9 km. Giving me an average of 19.27 km per day across the week. My total time on the bike this week was 9 hours and 5 minutes. With my riding this week that gives me 1,215.2 km year to date, leaving 3,748.8 km for my goal.

Other Thoughts

Another good week to follow up from last weeks positive effort. I started the week needing an average of 15.13 km per day and finished the week at 15.02 km needed. That is definitely heading back in the right direction.

The total distance this week was not quite my highest week on the bike. That was Week 6 of this year when I covered 141.4 km in the week which also included my highest single day with 33.4 km on the 7th of February. I think there will be a chance that I will break those two records before the year is out maybe.