There are three things that I remember being a part of my life in some way since a young age. Each has influenced me in different ways over the years, but they are things that never really disappear.

The computer was likely the first of three that I remember with much detail. My father had a passion for electronics and computers, so there were always one or more in various forms around.

The second was a camera, which as a child was a very simple point and shoot film camera. However, through later years has developed into somehow accumulating five different digital SLR camera bodies around here.

Finally, the third as you might have guessed from the title of this post is the bicycle. I cannot recall exactly at what age I got my first one, but I do recall riding to primary school for a number of years. I followed this up in High School, but then for a period forgot about bikes.

A New Bicycle

After not owning a bike for some years, I finally purchased a new mountain bike around 2013/14. Around the same time, I took up the hobby of Geocaching. At the time I end up only using the bicycle infrequently, and for some time it sat in the garage.

That was until A trip that I took to New Zealand when I was staying in Wellington and decided to rent a bicycle for a day. That got me using the bicycle again at home for a little while. But again it ended up sitting in the garage for probably over a year until a couple of weeks ago.

Time For A Challenge

I decided that 2018 is going to be my year to get on the bicycle on a regular basis seriously. Considering we are already three weeks into the year, I had to think quick about how to approach that idea. To me, there is no better way than setting a target and going for it.

The idea for me is that I wanted to set a target that at least seemed a little bit of a challenge. The first idea I had was to say 10 km per day for the whole year. So that would be 3,650 km, and I would need to ride slightly more than that each day since I had already missed 22 days.

I thought that 3,650 km might be just a little to easy though. So the next number that popped into my head was 10,000 km. While the idea did seem appealing to me, it also appeared to be a big undertaking. That would equate to almost 30 km per day every day from now until the end of the year. Based on my own knowledge of my previous riding experience this seemed well outside my comfort zone.

Finally, I decided to cut that last number in half and thought about 5,000 km. The number to me feels a little out of reach, but at the same time doable. It means that I need to average 14.6 km per day every day for the rest of the year.

Follow The Journey

I will be sharing weekly updates here about my progress towards the goal. The updates will be in a similar fashion to my walking updates, but obviously I need to play with what I am sharing a little. Things like distance instead of steps and maybe the time on the bike.

You can find the updates each Sunday afternoon for the previous week. If you have any questions about my challenge or the stats I am sharing, please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch.