Following you will find an update on my bicycle riding statistics for week 6 of 2019. The update covers the dates Monday 5th of February to Sunday 11th of February.

Ride Data

Monday 32 km 120 mins
Tuesday 16.4 km 63 mins
Wednesday 33.4 km 180 mins
Thursday 33.2 km 142 mins
Friday 13.1 km 61 mins
Saturday 13 km 43 mins
Total141.1 km 609 mins

Riding Numbers

I am a bit of a numbers geek at times, so of course, I like to look a little closer at some of the numbers behind the individual days.

First up is the highest day for the week which was Wednesday with a total distance of 33.4 km. While the lowest day was Saturday with a total distance of 13 km.

I got on the bike a total of 6 times this week for a total distance of 141.1 km. Giving me an average of 23.52 km per ride day across the week. My total time on the bike this week was 10 hours and 9 minutes. With my riding this week that gives me 319.8 km year to date, leaving 4,680.2 km for my goal.

Other Thoughts

There is a chance that I might have slightly overdone it this week on the bike. Physically this much time on the bike this week has worn me down a little. But also the idea I had behind making this a challenge was not to try and get it down in half the time. Of course, if that was to happen it would be nice.

I started the week needing 14.65 km per day to achieve my 5,000 km by the end of the year. By the end of the week, I had brought this down to 14.53km that I need. But that is going to be the thing 1km over any day, brings down my required average a little. But as soon as I miss a day that is another 14.5 km I need to make up in the remaining days. That is no big problem now, but towards the end that can be quite significant.